Perfect Pictures as a hosted solution was deprecated in December 2019.  

This means that the Perfect Pictures solution is not being developed to keep pace with browser and operating system updates or evolving security risks. 

The service has been closed and transition arrangements have been made for all sites with a Media Equation Pty Ltd contract.

Perfect Pictures as an installed solution is deprecated and will become incompatible with Windows upgrades.

All Media Equation Pty Ltd clients were notified in May 2019 and June 2019 about the deprecation schedule.

To continue using Perfect Pictures now, you will need to have a valid licence with Media Equation Pty Ltd.

Media Equation Pty Ltd is the sole authorized manager of all Perfect Pictures solutions - we do not license Perfect Pictures through any other entity.

Please contact us to discuss your renewal preferences.


  1. Migrate to Lookatme
  2. Programmed Exit
  3. Do nothing


2006 Acquisition of Perfect Pictures from SEARCH TECH


Media Equation Pty Ltd has sole rights to all Perfect Pictures (PhotosAU) online operations previously managed by Search Tech Pty Ltd. 

The acquisition of the assets of Search Tech Pty Ltd was completed on April 4, 2006. 

Search Tech Pty Ltd is not authorized to invoice for any Perfect Pictures (PhotosAU) services after April 4, 2006. The acquisition included the Perfect Pictures and Photosau intellectual property and trademarks, along with hosted and installed image management services.

Media Equation Pty Ltd has been informed that on 22 November 2019, Search Tech Pty Ltd applied for voluntary deregistration, with the deregistration taking effect on 21 January 2020.

You can find more information on the ASIC Registers.

Media Equation Pty Ltd

We have been in the Digital Asset Management business for over 20 years and we will help all  Perfect Pictures (PhotosAU) clients transition to Lookatme and enjoy a more secure, mobile-friendly solution.