Perfect Pictures (Photosau)

Media Equation Pty Ltd has the sole rights to the Perfect Pictures (PhotosAU) online service.

All Perfect Pictures (PhotosAU) clients contracted to Media Equation Pty Ltd now have transition arrangements in place including the option to upgrade to the exciting new Lookatme solution. 

Have a look at some of the clients who have upgraded to Lookatme!

The Perfect Pictures solution is now closed

Media Equation Pty LTd

We have been in the Digital Asset Management business for over 20 years and we will help all  Perfect Pictures clients transition to Lookatme and enjoy a more secure, mobile-friendly solution.


Media Equation Pty Ltd owns the intellectual property known as Perfect Pictures or PhotosAU ("Intellectual Property"). This Intellectual Property is not licensed for invoicing through any other party.

  • Do not pay fees to any person or entity that cannot produce a letter of authorisation from Media Equation Pty Ltd for the use of the Intellectual Property;
  • For the avoidance of doubt, no other person or entity has a letter of authorisation from Media Equation Pty Ltd for the use of the Intellectual Property;
  • Only fees paid to Media Equation Pty Ltd ABN 55078994555 may secure a licence to use or access the Intellectual Property; 
  • Media Equation Pty Ltd cannot be responsible for fees paid to unauthorised entities or persons;
  • If you have paid fees to another entity or person you may wish to seek recovery of those fees from them;
  • If you engage another person or entity to install, provide, host or make available the Intellectual Property, you may be liable for breach of copyright and you may be liable to legal proceedings including the potential to be joined as a respondent in litigation on foot;
  • To the full extent of the law, Media Equation Pty Ltd will prosecute its right to protect its Intellectual Property from unlawful use.